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Online Services

How to set up for your session

How to Prepare for your Online Session

Check your connection

  • A strong internet connection is the most important factor in having a clear and uninterrupted online therapy session.
  • Run an internet speed test to make sure your internet bandwidth is at least 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps.
  • Reset your modem by unplugging the power cord, waiting one minute, then reconnecting to power.
  • Turn off any other devices that are connected to the internet (phones, tablets, etc.), or temporarily disable their network connection. Ask that others who share your internet connection log-off while you are in session.
  • Close all other online windows on your computer, and discontinue any downloads that may be in progress.
  • Choose a location for the session that is close to your internet modem and router.


  • Set up your computer or tablet in a private location where you will not be overheard or interrupted.

Proper Lighting

  • Lighting should be aimed toward the front of you. Avoid sitting with a window or other source of bright light behind you.

Use a Microphone Headset or AirPods

  • this improves overall sound quality and prevents a distracting “echo” caused when one person can hear them self on the other’s computer speaker.

Camera Position

  • Make sure your camera is eye-level and that your face is fully visible on the screen.
  • Move the Video Image for Eye Contact